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Illinois Home Inspection Service LLC was started over 40 years ago by Emilio Schinasi. He passed the reins to his son Ronnie Schinasi in 2011. Ronnie has over 17 years of experience working in home inspection, energy conservation, weatherization, real estate and government. Ronnie is a certified Building Performance Analyst  by the Building Performance Institute, and a Licensed Home Inspector in Illinois.

Ronnie spent 10 years as a Project Manager for the City of Chicago, Emergency Services Division. He oversaw the delivery of disaster-relief services for Chicago’s citizens, coordinated departments and agencies to help the homeless population and provide permanent housing and social services. Ronnie has extensive knowledge and professional experience working with the CHA, low-income and subsidized housing providers and SRO’s. He also served on several committees from the Mayors Office including playing a key role in implementing the City of Chicago Troubled Building Initiative to reduce the number of neglected/abandoned residential buildings throughout the city.

Before returning to Chicago to take over the family business, Ronnie spent 3 years in Pennsylvania playing a pivotal role in implementing the following programs for homeowners and low-income households: LIURP (Low-Income Usage Reduction Program), LEEP (Low-Income Energy Assistance Program), and ELIRP(Enhanced Low-Income Retrofit Program).

Using his diverse professional background and expertise, Ronnie has expanded the services offered by IHES beyond residential home inspection.

Illinois Home Inspection Service has remained successful over the years because of our commitment to quality customer Service. Most business comes from referrals and repeat business.

“Its not uncommon for me to get phone calls from people whose first home was inspected by my dad 20 years ago,” says Ronnie. “We try to go the extra mile and really make sure our clients are satisfied. We catering our services to fit the needs of our clients and address their specific goals.”


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