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 Home and Building Inspection

We inspect single-family homes, condos, multiple unit apt. buildings and commercial/retail spaces.
Our clients include homes buyers, sellers, agents and investors.

-Exterior Structure & Drainage Systems
-Roof and Attic
-Electrical System
-Interior Structure and Finish
-Heating & Cooling System
-Plumbing System Appliances

* IHES does not inspect Swimming Pools, Solar Equipment, Wells or Septic Systems * See pre-inspection agreement for details on inspected items
* See standard-inspection agreement for details on inspected items

Our inspections include both an on-site verbal and written report. We include lots of pictures that clearly reflect issues that may need maintenance, repairs/replacement, significantly deficient or are simply at end of their useful life.We can also include recommendations and ball park figures of cost estimates for certain repair work, which can be helpful in understanding the true cost of a home.
Our number one goal is customer service, so please contact us for a quote and free consultation.


Walk-Through Inspection

Whether it be follow-up to a first inspection to make sure corrections were made or a final walk-through Inspection.

Mold & Moisture Testing

Lab testing of mold samples. Visual examination and moisture testing to identify source of moisture and find solutions.

Asbestos Testing and Inspection

Older homes may have floor asbestos floor tiles or pipe insulation. We provide inspection and lab testing to identify presence of asbestos.

Led Paint Testing

Lab testing to identify presence pf led paint in houses built before 1978.

Home Energy Auditing